Hamza M

Subject Area: A levels
"I became a more open and social person, strong willed, willing to ask for anything and being able to talk to anyone regardless of background."

About Hamza M

Hamza studied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computing at CTK. He went on to continue his studies, reading Physics at the University of Kent. He told us how he has transformed as an individual, “I like to view educational institutions as more than just getting an education; in fact I don’t look at education at all. I look at who I was when I started and who I became when I finished.” We asked where do you see yourself in 5-years time? “Hopefully I’d have a six pack long before then. Perhaps with a stable income and looking at my future goals for my career.” Any advice for those thinking about university? “Go for it! The further the uni from home the better. Get out of your comfort zone, you’ll learn to survive in no time. Your life will never be the same. Also stop saying “no” to everything – try new things (different society or even going out with potential friends).