Get Involved

We appreciate your enthusiasm for engaging with Christ the King Sixth Forms. Your involvement can significantly enhance the learning atmosphere for our former students, strengthen our alumni network and create a richer community around the sixth form for past, present and future students.

Your contribution, regardless of its scale, is immensely valuable. Our alumni association focuses on fostering enduring relationships, enhancing education, and giving back to our former students. We are committed to supporting you by offering career advancement opportunities, aiding in recruitment, and providing various enticing discounts. With opportunities to help your career, recruit employees and enjoy a range of great discounts as well, we with do all we can to help you.

We are dedicated to assisting you in any way possible, with opportunities to help your career, recruit employees and enjoy a range of great discounts as well.

Find out more about the opportunities available for you to get involved in.

Attend an Event

We hold a number of events throughout the year which really benefit from alumni involvement. Hearing from someone who was once in their position is incredibly valuable for students and helps them to define the first steps of their career.

Share your university experience

We want to hear from you about your time at university. Our current students would love to hear from you and get a chance to ask questions about life at university and get answers about any aspects of  that they are unsure of before applying.

Help prepare current students for interviews

Remember your first interview? Remember the nerves, panic and uncertainty? Give the next generation a helping hand in the scary world of interviews. Talk to students about the common pitfalls of interviewing in your industry and how to succeed when applying.

Join the Alumni wall

We’re always on the lookout for former students’ stories about the experiences they’ve had after their time with us. Get your entry published on the Alumni Wall page to be shared with all your fellow alumni from CTK.

Offer a work experience opportunity

What better way to understand working life than getting real, hands-on experience? It’s not only an invaluable experience for the students, but current employees can gain management experience by supervising the placement. And you’ll get a helping hand around the workplace for free.

Speak to students

Hearing about the success of someone who was once in their exact position can really help inspire students and shows them the opportunities available to them after their time at College. We want you to help inspire current students by sharing your story with them.