Our College-wide NQT training programme runs throughout the year. NQTs are supported through their induction year by a mentor – usually a subject co-ordinator or line manager – and progress is overseen by the Assistant Principal responsible for staff development.  A comprehensive programme of training, observations and lesson walks supports NQTs through this vital year.  More experienced staff across the college contribute to the programme and share their excellent practice. Ten-day school placements take place in the summer term with our partner schools to enable NQTs to gain experience across other sectors and to achieve fully qualified status. 

Staff employed by the College via other routes – eg post compulsory qualifications, or unqualified pending School Direct applications – are also supported as part of this programme.

Our membership of the Catholic Teachers Alliance offers further support to NQTs, who are able to meet with fellow NQTs from a range of schools, visit other schools and undertake small-scale action research to inform their practice and enhance their professional development. 

An ‘early years’ programme is also in place this year for post-NQT staff at an early stage of their career to engage in professional learning and to help prepare for aspiring leadership programmes.  Development of the teacher as ‘learner’ will be a central focus of this programme.  

“As an NQT at Christ the King, both the subject and NQT mentors were extremely supportive and offered an extensive training programme throughout all stages of the academic year. This programme not only provided individual and tailored teaching advice, but also more holistic professional development throughout areas such as curriculum, pastoral care, legislation and assessment. As a Christ the King Sixth Forms wide programme, NQTs from all three sites meet regularly and this provides a valuable opportunity for collaborative networking and sharing good practice.
After completing my NQT year at Christ the King, I was promoted to the Cross-site Functional Skills Maths Coordinator, working closely with colleagues and developing the scheme of work and lesson resources. After a successful year I was again promoted to the Cross-site Maths Coordinator”.

David Meechan

Cross-site Maths Coordinator