Our sixth form mission and ethos is fully supported through the work of our Chaplaincy.

The Chaplaincy team celebrates with students from all faiths and none in times of joy, or advises them in times of difficulty. The Chaplaincy aims to foster and develop the spiritual life of the individual and of the sixth form, based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We have well-resourced Chaplaincy areas at each of our sixth forms.

The spacious and comfortable Chaplaincy rooms are a hub for social activity, with beautiful adjoining Chapels for prayer and worship. The Chaplaincy room is open to all students to just drop-in to relax, meet with friends or participate in an organised activity. There is also space for students to work during their study periods. The Chapel is a place for quiet space to reflect and pray. Mass is celebrated in the Chapel weekly and on Holy Days throughout the year.

Students don’t have to be religious to get involved. The Chapels are an opportunity for students of any faith or none to find some peace and space for reflection.

Collective Worship

The daily prayer routine at each site holds significance in the morning schedule of the sixth form, an integral aspect of the 10:10 Programme. This ensures that both staff and students partake in daily prayer and reflection. Many students take on leadership roles in guiding these worship sessions within their classes. Scripture remains pivotal in collective worship activities, spanning daily prayers, weekly masses, thoughts for the week, and entire college liturgies. The depth and richness of the Catholic tradition are apparent, accommodating the diverse faith journeys of students and staff. 

The Chaplaincy team maintains a prominent presence by holding weekly briefings, student and staff retreats, Hall meetings, and staff gatherings. Their support extends to induction, community days, open evenings, parents’ evenings, the sixth form ethos, and community events. The team actively engages in sixth form and community partnerships, fostering connections beyond the sixth form environment. This role helps students to grow in confidence, develop leadership skills and to make a difference.