Ike Ovuworie: A Level student is studying a degree in Product Design Engineering

Ike studied his A levels at Christ the King Sixth Form College. His results enabled him to get a place at Loughborough University, where he is studying a degree in Product Design Engineering.

He spoke to our Alumni Team about life at university, and the skills he learnt at college which allowed him to excel.

“My time at Christ the King Sixth Form college allowed me to get where I am today,” said Ike. “I was able to improve my communication skills, as well as my time management, communication, social networking and public speaking.”

Ike studied Design and Technology, Mathematics and Physics at CTK, subjects which have helped him enormously with his work in Product Design Engineering.

Life at university

The Product Design Engineering course at Loughborough University give hopeful designers the skills they need to combine creative, aesthetic and technical expertise to design and produce products to appeal to the potential market.

“During my first year at Loughborough University, I learnt that is it important to work hard and play hard at the same time,” said Ike. “It has been a challenge, but I have been able to adjust to the type of CAD software used on the course.

“The highlight of my year so far has been receiving 2 awards at the Afro-Caribbean Society Ball.”

The future

Ike’s goal after university is to “run [his] own international business based on products of a certain specialism I would have gained at university.”

We wish him the best of luck, thanks for speaking to us, Ike!