Archibald Foster: Former student returns to college to talk about how life at CTK changed his perspective, radio production with Represent and Radar, and learning to fly

Archibald graduated from Christ the King Sixth Form College with more than just A levels under his belt. Recently he returned to his former college to talk about how he got more from his time at college than he bargained for:

“My life before I started at CTK was a bit difficult,” admitted Archie, “I was at another college previously and my time there wasn’t really the best. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I really wanted a change of perspective. I wanted a more discreet college, so I chose CTK: Aquinas, which was a really nice and small environment.”

Archie started his A Levels at Christ the King, choosing Psychology, History, English Language & English Literature. “At Aquinas the classes were small, but the environment was still very energetic. We had lots of class discussions and interactive lessons. I made really meaningful connections with the teachers. They helped me to develop into the person I am now, and that’s something I really appreciate.”

“I never realized how much Christ the King would be a part of my life,” said Archie. “When I first started I thought I was just going to stick to myself and be that guy who comes in and goes out. But I ended up getting really involved in college life. Archie helped represent the college by helping welcome new students when they arrived at Aquinas, and was even named a Head of Hall, something he certainly wasn’t expecting when he started at Christ the King.

“When we left college and came back for a celebration, I was asked to do a speech in front of my whole year group and all of the teachers. I was very nervous, but it showed me that this position had been given to me for a reason. It’s a sign that this is the kind of thing I should be doing. I’m a people person.”

Whilst at college, Archie was also given a Flying Scholarship with the Royal Air Force. “I did it in the holidays. The college was really supportive and I got my flying license at the end of it.”

Not content with just flying, Archie also started getting into radio and TV production at the end of his A Levels. “I started doing radio production with Represent and Radar, which are local radio stations. They really support the youth culture, and urban music, so I got in touch with some of the people there and they brought me on and taught me basically everything. I then started to branch out into television and ended up getting involved with stuff for the BBC and Channel 4.

“I’m still doing stuff to do with that outside of university, which is keeping me going, and expanding my credentials while I’m studying,” said Archie, who is at university in Hertfordshire studying for a Psychology degree.

So what’s next for Archie?

“I’m still not sure what I want to do, I’ve got so many things that I’m enjoying right now! I’ve learnt that it’s important to do what you love and not to compare yourself to other people. Focus on your passions and just go from there.”