Which UK cities are best for these popular career choices?

If you live in the capital and are considering a move, or are one of the 57million people living outside of London who want to work in some of the most exciting industries the UK has to offer, here are some of the best UK cities to live and work in.

City: Bristol

Industry: Tech/Digital

Why? Bristol’s reputation is as one of the most thriving and exciting technology hubs in the UK.  The city recently became the UK’s top smart city, and was ranked the 12th  highest European city for tech investment, which currently stands at £109million. It’s no surprise then that Bristol’s start-up success rate is above the national average.

Possible job roles: Digital Marketer, SEO Specialist, Content Strategist, UX Designer, Software Developer, Database Administrator, Data Analyst, Game Developer, Graphic Designer

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City: Manchester

Industry: Media/Creative

Why? Manchester has the fastest growing creative and media industry outside of London, but also benefits from lower living costs and house prices. Manchester is also home to the BBC, 7500 creative and tech companies, plus many top advertising and media agencies. Manchester is also a young, cosmopolitan city with plenty of social life, boasting the most 20-34 year olds in the UK.

Possible job roles: TV Production, TV Researcher, Illustrator, Animator, Sound engineer, Journalist, Editor, TV Writer, Photographer, Videographer, Copywriter, Art Director, Media Planner, PR manager

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City: Glasgow

Industry: Renewable Energy

Why? The renewable energy sector is a fast-growing and hugely important industry. As most of the world rallies to combat climate change, renewable energy sources like solar, tidal, wind and biofuels are becoming more prominent as governments try and meet targets for reducing carbon emissions. Glasgow is at the forefront of this change in the energy sector, with companies like Scottish Power and SSE both leading the way. There’s also a skills shortage in the industry, so recent graduates or those looking to retrain could reap huge rewards.

Possible job roles: Project Management, Engineering, Technician, Quantity Surveyor, Environmental Consultant, Energy Specialists, Business Developer

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City: Leeds

Industry: Law

Why? Leeds has been described as the ‘Knightsbridge of the North’ by Lonely Planet thanks to its decade and a half of redevelopment, thriving restaurant and bar scene and glitzy shopping locations. The legal sector in Leeds is the fastest growing in the UK, and is the second biggest law hub after London, with some of the biggest law firms having practices there. Legal jobs in Leeds grew 20 per cent between 2010 and 2015, whereas in London the sector grew 5 per cent. Perhaps it is time to make the move?

Possible job roles: Barrister, Chartered Legal Executive, Paralegal, Solicitor, Accountant, Legal Secretary

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