How mentoring benefits everyone involved

A career mentor is generally an experienced and knowledgeable individual who provides guidance, support, and advice to someone (the mentee) looking to develop their professional skills and advance in their career. This relationship typically involves the mentor sharing their expertise, insights, and experiences to help the mentee overcome challenges, set career goals, and make informed decisions.

So, whether you’re looking for a career mentor or you’re interested in becoming a mentor in order to further your own career, here’s how being part of a mentoring scheme (or establishing a more casual mentor-mentee relationship) can benefit everyone involved.

Why have a career mentor?

It helps you stay focused

Having a career mentor can help you keep your career goals focused and encourage you stick to them. We all suffer from distractions, but by expressing and sharing your goals with a mentor you are allowing yourself to be held accountable for achieving those goals.

Access to career opportunities

Your mentor can provide insider access to your industry, and you may find out about new opportunities before they reach the open market, as well as introducing you to important people or providing recommendations. You can take advantage of your mentor’s extended professional network, and hopefully add them to your own.

You can learn from their experience

Choosing a mentor with years of experience allows you to learn from both their mistakes and their triumphs. Having a mentor also makes it easier for you to take a step back and look at your career as a whole. They can help you plan your career more thoroughly, look at aspects of professional development you may not otherwise consider, and challenge you to look more closely at your job and career.

They’ll give you impartial advice

The fact that a mentor is independent and not involved directly in any particular situation allows them to provide you with an impartial viewpoint. This may be better than asking a family member, for instance, as your mentor may be able to more easily take a step back and look at the wider picture of your career.

Why BE a career mentor?

There are many benefits of becoming a mentor, whether as part of an organised programme or through providing ongoing support and advice in a less formal way.

Personal Fulfilment

One of the most significant benefits of being a career mentor is the sense of personal fulfilment it brings. Helping someone else succeed in their career can be deeply rewarding and provide a strong sense of purpose, plus mentoring allows you to leave a positive impact on the next generation of professionals.

Skills Development and New Perspectives

Mentoring offers the opportunity to build your own skills and knowledge. As you guide and advise your mentee, you’ll likely find yourself refining your leadership and problem-solving abilities. Discussions with your mentee can also provide fresh insights and perspectives on your own career and industry. Their questions and ideas may challenge your thinking and encourage you to stay current and innovative.

Giving Back

Being a mentor is a way to give back to your profession or community. It allows you to share the knowledge and experience you’ve gained over the years, contributing to the growth and success of others.

Improved Communication

Mentoring requires effective communication skills. Over time, you’ll become a better listener, communicator, and coach; skills that can benefit your own career and interactions in other areas of life.

Reciprocal Learning

While you’re guiding your mentee, you also learn from their experiences, viewpoints, and questions. It’s a two-way learning process that, when set up and managed well, can enrich both parties.