Exciting jobs in the charity sector you might not have considered

The number of jobs in the charity sector has risen by 24% since 1997, compared to 9% in the private sector and 16% in the public sector, according to a survey taken in September 2015. You might hear charity and immediately think of volunteering, but the opportunities available in the charity sector are so much more.

Here at CTK we’re passionate about channelling your talents towards career paths that are both rewarding and interesting, and the charity sector certainly covers both. To get an idea of what’s on offer, we’ve outlined some of the most exciting jobs roles in the charity sector.


Do you have excellent communications skills? Do you live for networking and building relationships with others? Then a career in fundraising might be for you. Charity fundraising is about far more than rattling a tin. Corporate fundraisers need to have a real talent for understanding business, as they negotiate raising money through payroll giving and getting sponsorship for big events or campaigns. You’ve got to have real passion for your cause and the responsibility of dealing with large donations which some charities rely on to keep them going. Community fundraisers have the enormous task of co-coordinating donations and charity events involving members of the public. This requires amazing organizational skills and the ability to represent the charity to people from all walks of life. Legacy fundraisers on the other hand may need skills in law or accountancy, as they persuade people to leave donations to their charity in the will.

PR & Marketing

Charities almost entirely depend on how they are perceived by the public and getting their message across to potential donors. It’s the role of the PR and marketing staff to ensure that all communications are consistent with the charity’s brand and raising the charity’s profile through a number of strategies. You could be creating marketing materials both for digital and print, coming up with innovative new social media campaigns or negotiating advertising space on television and billboards. The possibilities are endless. What’s more, often PR and Marketing for the charity sector requires the most creative thinkers, as you’re persuading the public to donate to a cause in an extremely competitive environment.

Social Research

Satisfy your curiosity for human behavior and help to shape policy by conducting research projects which give hugely important insights into the attitudes and experiences of the population on a range of issues. You could be planning, designing and conducting research on issues such as education, the environment, crime, healthcare, social services and unemployment, the results of which could be used to make a real difference to society. You could be working for lobby groups, a government department, The Office for National Statistics, local government, or one of the larger charities. If you’ve got a talent for analytics, project management, law or politics, there’s so much you could do.