Cutting edge jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

New technology means new jobs. We explore some of the job roles that have come into existence over the last decade.

App Developer

“The iPhone arrived in 2007 and the Android shortly after, and now nearly half the world’s adults have a smartphone,” say the World Economic Forum. There are now over 2.2million apps available through the Apple Apps Store and over 2.8million available through Google Play. App developers are in huge demand and the job comes with excellent financial rewards if you’re good at what you do.

Social Media Manager

Just a few years ago, social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Snapchat didn’t exist. Today, they are vital channels for brands to reach consumers. There are over 2.3 billion active users of social media in the world. Many businesses are using social media as an effective marketing platform to build their brands, enhance their reputation and engage with customers, and they need Social Media Managers to help them do it.

Big data analyst / data scientist

The amount of data on the internet is growing at a rate of 40% per year. 90% of all data in the world was created in the last two years, including personal data created by things like mobile subscriptions, and industrial data from products like appliances, homes and cars. All this new information creates exciting new challenges and possibilities, for example:

1. Using data to transform the structure of businesses, industries and new markets by identifying trends and areas for innovation.
2. Using data to aid global development in areas like poverty, health and education.
3. Ensuring that the law moves at a fast enough pace to be relevant to current technologies
4. Ensuring that we have good enough digital security to protect our data from cybercrime.

Data analysts and scientists are needed to do all of these things by capturing and analysing all of this data for patterns, drawing conclusions and helping us decide what to do with it.

User Experience Expert

User Experience (UX) Experts are in charge of making our online experience as easy as possible. UX design involves designing the layout and usability of products such as websites, devices or software, which are easy to understand and navigate. The job can involve creating storyboards and sketches, performing user testing, analysing online traffic patterns, making style guides and prototyping products.

Sustainability manager

Sustainability Managers are responsible for ensuring a company is adhering to practices that have the least harmful impact on the environment, whilst being cost effective for the company. Matters such as energy efficiency, consumption of resources and waste production all need to be considered to reduce a company’s negative effects on the world, and Sustainability Managers might also be responsible for coming up with strategies that maximise efficiency, improve the company’s public image and make sure that the company is abiding by environmental laws.

Sustainability Managers can come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds, such as business, environmental science, engineering, and sustainability.