CTK ‘Professional Networks’ Launched

Christ the King is keen to establish Professional Networks which will be supported by Alumni. The networks will cover the key business and industry areas that students go on to study at university or take employment in. It is hoped that the networks will run virtually, and will support both current students and other alumni-colleagues in particular fields.

The Professional Networks will support their members in a variety of ways, including helping teachers and directors keep up to date with current employment professions, providing career guidance to other Alumni and developing links to the working world for students. Additionally, members will help organise valuable activities such as one-off lectures, e-mentoring, workplace visits and work shadowing opportunities.

The ten networks are:

Administration, Business and Finance
Charity and Voluntary
Media, Creative and Visual arts
Engineering and Construction
Medicine and Health Care
Leisure, Sport and Tourism
Public Sector

Each of the CTK Professional Networks will be led by a Partnership Board, including 8-10 Alumni, an Executive Director Partnership, an External Partnership Manager, a Co-ordinator from each site, and a senior member of staff.

Initially the Partnership Boards will meet twice per year, to help steer and establish the virtual network. They will contribute knowledge, expertise and understanding of their current professional landscape, helping the College develop and strengthen industry links that support curriculum delivery and the student learning experience.

The Professional Networks will be promoted to former students through the new college Alumni Association website. Joining a network is one of a range of opportunities that Alumni will be encouraged to sign-up to, all of which are designed to support the College and its current students.