Best podcasts to expand your business knowledge 

Improve your business acumen on the go with these brilliant business-related podcasts. Discover interviews with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, learn how to solve business-related problems encountered at every level of the professional ladder, and find out how Netflix beat Blockbuster in the race into our living rooms. 

Harvard Business review – Ideacast

Each week the HBR Ideacast features leading business or management thinkers and invites them to explore an idea. The topics are hugely varied so you’re bound to find something relevant and interesting to you. What’s more, they’re only around 25 minutes per episode, meaning you can fit them into your commute or your busy schedule.  

Recommended episodes: 

#621 Leading with Less Ego 

#682 How Having a Rival Improves Performance 

#409 When to Go with Your Gut 

#460 Understand How People See You 

#594 Find Your Happy Place at Work 


Listening to the Mixergy podcast is a bit like being mentored by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business thinkers. In each episode, Andrew Warner, the founder of Mixergy, interviews a different businessperson about their successes and failures and gains fascinating, actionable insight into building a successful business. 

Recommended episodes: 

#1741 Why becoming a first-time entrepreneur after age 50 can be a big advantage 

#1719 Why a failed fighter pilot made a better founder (and took a company public) 

#1691 How to use influencers to build your company 

#1660 How does a founder driven by creativity build a profitable company? 

#1525 Podcasting for your business 

Business Wars

Business Wars tells the stories of the battles that have gone on between rival businesses and how the results have shaped our lives, or at least our buying decisions. From fast food or sportswear giants to browsing the web and gaming, podcast host David Brown delves into the stories of some of the biggest brands and how they came out on top – or bottom. 

Recommended episodes: 

McDonald’s vs Burger King 

Xbox vs Playstation 

Coke vs Pepsi 

Nike vs Adidas 

Netflix vs Blockbuster 

How I Built This

This podcast tells the stories of people who have built incredible things, from entrepreneurs who have built extremely successful businesses, to real estate moguls and iconic designers. The host, Guy Raz, a journalist, former war correspondent, NPR Radio Host and creator of TED Radio Hour, has interviewed a seriously impressive list of names, who talk through their journeys, the hurdles they overcame and share their secrets to success. 

Recommended episodes: 

Squarespace: Anthony Casalena 

Burt’s Bees: Roxanne Quimby 

Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia At The HIBT Summit 

Lululemon Athletica: Chip Wilson 

Dell Computers: Michael Dell 

And a final tip, if you are pushed for time then try listening to podcasts at 1.5x speed.