5 highest paid jobs in the UK and how we can help you get there

The Office for National Statistics has released the highest paying jobs of 2016 in the UK. Here’s what they are and how courses at Christ the King can help you on your way to achieving them.

If you’re lucky enough to already be dong one of these jobs, we’d love to hear in the comments below – particularly if you have any advice for your fellow alumni on how to achieve similar success.


Stockbrokers, traders, insurance brokers and insurance brokers enjoy an average salary of £133,868 a year before tax. Their role generally is to arrange transactions between buyers and sellers, taking a commission on the deal. According to The Guardian, there aren’t any formal qualifications needed, as training is normally given within the company. Some employers prefer you to have a Higher Education level qualification, but Reed.co.uk advise that having a qualification related to the industry, such as finance, could be enough to get you on the first rung of a ladder that can lead to a highly financially rewarding career.

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Chief Executives

With an average pay of £123,577, CEOs are amongst the most highly-paid workers in the UK. This is unsurprising, as they are responsible for the overall success of a company or organization. Getting to that level requires years of experience and a degree-level education, preferably in business, economics or accounting. “Just over half of Fortune 100 CEOs have a degree in business, economics, or accounting, while 27% studied engineering or science, and 14% law,” say Forbes.com. The other advantage to this role is that it can be achieved in any industry. Of course, another way to become a CEO is to start your own company – if it becomes successful, the rewards can be huge.

Marketing directors

The route to becoming a marketing or sales director is straightforward, but requires years of dedication and experience in the field before you can earn anything like the average salary of £87,890. A marketing manager is responsible for the development and implementation of brand and marketing strategy for a company or marketing agency. “Marketing managers are generally promoted to these positions,” say thebalance.com, after working their way up from junior positions in marketing. To start with, you’ll need a degree-level qualification in marketing or a related field, or you can get there with an apprenticeship.

Aircraft pilots

This category, which earns an average salary of £86,916, includes pilots, flight engineers and flight instructors. You don’t need a degree to begin your training, but you’re recommended to have good GCSEs in Maths, English and Science, a second language and at least two good A Levels or equivalent. After you’ve gained these qualifications at Christ the King, you will need to get a Class 1 medical certificate and gain a private pilot licence with 170 hours of flying time before you can apply for your commercial pilot licence. Some airlines provide training for commercial pilots, see Virgin Atlantic http://careersuk.virgin-atlantic.com/future-flyers-pilot-training-programme and British Airways https://jobs.ba.com/jobs/futurepilot/

Financial directors

The average pay for Financial Directors is £84,675. Their role within a company is to oversee business decisions, plan and manage budgets and work with the CEO to help make the company money. The higher the turnover of the company and the more experience you have in the world of finance, generally the higher the salary will become, as with most jobs, say totaljobs.com. This role typically requires a Higher Education qualification in finance, economics, business or accounting.

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