Seye Olokode

Subject Area: A levels
"When I arrived at university I was hit with many unexpected situations and opportunities. I now speak to CTK students every year about university life so that the same mistakes wouldn’t be made twice."

About Seye Olokode

Seye graduated from Christ the King Sixth Form College with A Levels in Economics, History and Sociology. He studied Economics, finance and banking at university in Portsmouth and graduated with a 2:1. “While at college I initially wanted to study P.P.E (Politics Philosophy and Economics) and then I switched to wanting to study Economics & Sociology and then finally Straight Economics! During my 4 years at university I was vice-president and President of Elevation networks which is a multi-award winning youth employment charity that develops the leadership potential in talented young people. We partner with outstanding employers and stakeholders to create diverse career opportunities focusing on groups that are traditionally underrepresented within the labour market and in certain industries. This was a great learning experience for me as it taught me key networking skills and helped me to lead in difficult situations. After graduating from University I then went on to work for Capita on their graduate scheme where I am currently working as project manager in financial services. The traditional route for those who study Economics is investment banking but I wanted to gain experience in area that wasn’t familiar to me and one that would improve my personal skills also. When I first arrived at university I was hit with many unexpected situations and also opportunities that I did not know existed. It then occurred to me that many students like me or coming from the similar backgrounds as me may not be making the best decisions, not because they were not bright but because they lacked access to the right information. I then spoke to my former teachers at CTK and they agreed to allow me to come down once a year to speak to the students about university life and now graduate life so that the same mistakes wouldn’t be made twice!. In Capita I am in the process of implementing a Country wide initiative where we go into colleges and give talks. The last event I spoke at was the Fast Track Programme which was excellent! The students looked like they gained a lot of applicable knowledge and relevant information that if applied, will certainly put them in the right place for success.”