Amy O

Year of Study: 2015
Subject Area: A levels
"CTK opened my life up to so many opportunities and the support from staff was great."

About Amy O

Amy took A Levels in History, English Literature, and Psychology. She went on to study at Queen’s University Belfast and is currently “at uni again, doing a course in geography which I love!” She told us that he favourite elements of her college days were “canteen chats and lunch on the fields”, and “end of year lessons introducing new topics.” “I loved my courses because they opened a lot of avenues for me, and got me to think critically about the world around me. It instilled a love of analysis and reading in me that continues today.” She continued, “My fondest memory is the support I received from staff when I was having trouble at home. They were all very supportive and helped me where they could (Thank you Mr Acton, Mr McClean and Ms Judd!)