Student turned teacher shares her story

All of our former students have different memories and experiences of Christ the King, but Patricia Britto is rather unique when it comes to her time at CTK.

For this alumnus not only studied for her A-Levels here in 2005, she also volunteered here as a teaching assistant before returning for a second time as a lecturer.

“I love Christ the King, it was like home. I am happy where I am but at the same time Christ the King is home,” Patricia told us.

“I don’t know one person from Christ the King that isn’t doing something great. I turned on the TV the other day and saw Troy the magician – he was in my year group! He used to do his magic tricks just outside in the playground and now he’s successful.”

After completing her A-Levels in 2007 Patricia went on to Portsmouth University where she studied a BSc in Psychology. She graduated in 2010 with 2:1 and wasted no time in returning to her former college.

She volunteered as a teaching assistant for six months before pursuing her career in mental health, taking a job as a Therapy Coordinator in a mental health hospital.

“From there I did my Master’s in mental health and disability at King’s College. The minute I finished my Master’s I got a call to say that they needed staff at Christ the King so I came and taught A-levels in Health and Social Care, Psychology and BTEC Health and Social Care,” Patricia said.

“I left in September and am now lecturing on the Health and Social Care courses at Croydon College.”

Having been both a teaching assistant and a lecturer at Christ the King, Patricia has had a rather different experience to the majority of our Alumni Association members. But she says being a student at the College was just as enjoyable.

“Some of my best memories are when everyone used to meet up and walk down to the bus stop together, with a good community spirit. We all looked after each other and had lots of events and talent shows,” she said.

“Where do I see myself in five years? I’d like to have done a doctorate, I’m not done with education just yet. I’d like to work for the NHS and then maybe set up my own practice as a clinical psychologist or in education psychology. I’m getting married in August and I’ve got some staff from Christ the King coming. I think I’ve developed as a person by coming to Christ the King.”

We’re just glad Patricia is achieving her dreams and has happy memories of Christ the King – the three times she worked or studied here!