Samuel Oduniyi: BTEC Applied Science graduate has ambitions in the Biotechnology industry

Samuel Oduniyi studied BTEC Applied Science at Christ the king Sixth Form College. He is now completing a BA (Hons) in Genetics at the University of Liverpool.

He spoke to our Alumni Team about life at university, studying a BTEC as opposed to A Levels, and his plans to use his newfound knowledge of genetics to work in Canada in the biotechnology industry.

“The University of Liverpool is a beautiful a place to study,” said Samuel. “The teachers are very motivated in their specialities. Also, the social life is brilliant and it is very easy to make friends.

“Studying a BTEC in Applied Science at CTK helped me a lot in terms of my assignments at university, due to the research skills involved.”

BTEC qualifications differ from A levels because they are based on coursework, and students gain practical knowledge and skills in their chosen subjects.

“The skills I also found useful when transferring to university was a consistent way of working and also having a strong mind-set,” said Samuel. “I have learnt to study hard and motivate myself.”

The genetics programme at the University of Liverpool covers all areas of the subject, including Human and Clinical Genetics, Gene Development and Evolution and Biotechnology, and students learn how genetics underpins medicine, cancer biology, plant genetics, molecular biology and more.

Samuel wants to use his Genetics qualifications to “travel to Canada and work in a private biotechnology company. I plan to be in Canada working and living in a penthouse equipped with the latest technology appliances.”

Biotechnology aims to harness biology to develop technologies which cure diseases, produce cleaner energy like biofuels, improve manufacturing processes to reduce their damaging effects on the planet, increase crop yields and minimise the use of pesticides – basically serving to improve our lives and our planet.

These huge aims can be achieved with the passion and dedication of people like Samuel, and we wish him the best of luck.