Martha Da Costa-Sherwood: Ambitious A Level student turned Director of her own company

Martha studied A levels in Business, ICT and Media Studies. She is now the Director  of her own company, Da Cosme Consulting, which specialises in executive coaching and training.

The ambitious Christ the King Sixth Form College alumnus told our Alumni team about how she achieved her ultimate career goal and how her time at college helped her get there.

“I knew I wanted a career in Business and ICT but nothing more specific than that. When I came to the CTK open evening I learnt so much that I not only knew that it was the college for me, but I also knew they would be able to support me in deciding on my future career goals,” said Martha.

“My time at CTK definitely helped me get where I am today. It was just the right balance between having the independence of a college and the support of a school. This meant I was able to develop important employability skills such as timekeeping, organisation, prioritising, I whilst being constantly steered in the right direction or kept on track in order to ensure I would achieve successful outcomes.

“After Leaving CTK I went on to complete a joint honours degree in Business and Psychology..” said Martha.  “I then trained as a teacher on the job via the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP).

“I have been teaching now for 11 years and have held numerous roles with increasing responsibility at both middle and senior leadership level. This included being a head of department, Assistant Principal, Vice Principal and Principal. I am currently running my own Education Consulting company which specialises in executive coaching and training.

“My proudest Career moment to date was my role as Principal,” she said. “Not only was it a big career step, but it was also had a huge personal impact as I moved to Nigeria for the year, leaving behind my friends, family and the security of being in my home country. Needless to say it was an amazing experience.

“I hope in 5 years time to be advising on education reform nationally and internationally,” said Martha of her ultimate career goals.