Former students share their university stories

Many of our students go on to study degrees after finishing at Christ the King, but what’s it like making the transition from college to university?

Hard work, added responsibility, living away from home… starting university can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure. But our students embrace the experience wholeheartedly – just ask those who are in the middle of their uni journey right now.

Former students Olutola Ayoola, Natalie Heymann and Shuwanna Aaron have all moved away from London to attend university. We spoke to them to find out about their time at Christ the King and their experience of living and studying away from home.

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Natalie Heymann: studying Law at Anglia Ruskin University

“I moved from London to Cambridge for university; it’s a relatively small city, there are fewer people and it’s easy to get places by walking, cycling, or riding the bus. The city centre is brilliant as well!

“In university it’s all about independence and doing your work and studying by yourself. No one pushes you. It’s all about self-motivation. I miss the patience of teachers at CTK, but my course is really interesting. “

My advice: “Choose a course that you feel comfortable with, do some pre-studying so you know what you are coming in for and research your university and course. Have fun at university but remember to learn hard as well.”

Olutola Ayoola: studying Midwifery at Canterbury Christ Church University

“Gillingham is very different from London but I am enjoying independent living in my student house. I miss my BTEC Health and Social care teachers from CTK, but I’m really enjoying my university course. I cannot wait to start placement! After I finish my course I plan to go straight into midwifery as a career.”

My advice: “Do something you love and you are passionate about, as this will get you through!”

Shuwanna Aaron: studying history at the University of Edinburgh

“Edinburgh is a very beautiful city and very student friendly – accommodation and living expenses are relatively affordable. And there is a wide variety of societies at the university, so there is never a dull moment! I’m really enjoying the variety modules on offer as part of my course; I love having the opportunity to focus on the parts of the modules that interest me.

“There is an overwhelming degree of independence at university. There is also less structure to your timetable, so you are required to fill the day as you see fit, but ensuring that you commit enough time to your academic responsibilities. I often feel like a little fish in a big pond, which is a bit unsettling – I miss the small and tight-knit community at CTK!”

My advice: “When choosing a university, have a look at the modules to ensure that there is a variety of courses on offer and that you have a genuine interest in the modules offered.”

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