Bonita Darkoh – Taking lessons from CTK into the future

Former student Bonita Darkoh isn’t short on determination. Recently graduating from Kingston University, she’s already working as an Account Management Associate in a consultancy firm. But she’s not done there.

“In my career my next step will be working towards a promotion, and exceeding expectations to move into a managerial role within Account Management,” she told us.

“In the future, I would also like to train to become a motivational speaker and motivate those less fortunate to not give up on their dreams.”

After completing her studies at Christ the King in 2011, Bonita went straight to uni to study Business Management. She says she wouldn’t be where she is today without the support of CTK, so we spoke to her to find out about her current role, her time at college, and her hopes for the future.

Hi Bonita, what are your fondest memories from Christ the King?

My fondest memories of being at college are the events, friends I made, and the advice I was given by my teachers.

I was given encouragement, advice and recognition that I will never forget. My success at University was based on what I learnt from college, and I remember every word of encouragement which still motivates me today.

What are your proudest achievements since leaving Christ the King?

My proudest personal achievement has been learning how to prioritise and remain focused. Whilst at university I decided to take up a part-time job, and remaining focused in two different areas of life was tough. Excelling at university was a must, but making sure I was reaching targets in the workplace was also essential.

It wasn’t until I graduated with a 2:1 that I noticed this great achievement, of being able to prioritise work in demanding environments and remain focused. Throughout university I pushed myself, but my final two years were crucial and I still managed to exceed expectations.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself managing on a regional level in Account Management. Why? Because of my sheer determination to excel in my current role. I am a firm believer in exceeding customer expectations, delivering great results and developing customer satisfaction.

In five years I want to embed and grow these beliefs into my team’s strategy. I want to be a part of change, and ensure that great results are continually delivered.

What advice would you give to current CTK students?

As clichéd as it sounds, listen to your tutors! They have your best interests at heart. You may come across a number of difficulties when studying or trying to make a deadline but do not be afraid to reach out, your teachers are there to help you!

I took this for granted. At university advice is not as personal, so make use of your tutors and gain all the feedback that you can.