Bonita Darkoh: Former CTK A level students says college helped her fulfil her potential

“For me, college was fun, challenging and life changing.”

Bonita Darkoh attended Christ the King Sixth Form College to study her A levels in Applied Business, Economics and English Literature. Her hard work has paid off, as she is currently an Associate Account Manager at AOL.

The Alumni Team spoke to Bonita about her hugely influential time at CTK.

“My time at Christ the King helped me to become more confident as an individual,” said Bonita. “I was given a chance to be independent in my learning but continually given guidance along the way. This has had a positive impact on me today, as I confidently use initiative and try new things with no hesitation.”

Clearly, her experiences at college have helped her with the challenges and responsibilities which come with her role as Associate Account Manager for one of the world’s leading mass media corporations.

But what was it about studying her A Levels at CTK which helped her the most?

“I was always challenged, but continually provided with the support necessary,” she said. “This was definitely my favourite thing about college, as it kept me motivated and ready to face the challenges ahead.

“Being able to speak to my teachers about my upcoming exams, and how to approach the assessments, genuinely made me feel brighter by the day.

“I was always given the support needed,” said Bonita. “Although I had interest in the subjects I selected, when faced with challenges I was not left worried or confused about a module in that particular course. The style of teaching always kept me interested, I had the opportunity to do presentations and extra-curricular activities.”

Bonita explained to the Alumni Team that it was her final year in particular of which she has the fondest memories.

“When I came back to complete my final year of A levels, this was a self-developing year for me. I was able to develop as an individual and create new friendships along the way. It was very rewarding and I will never regret choosing CTK as a college, as it released the potential in me.