CTK Alumni Talks

This month we have had the pleasure of holding several workshops on site, hosted by returning CTK alumnae including Diane Adebayo and Deborah Okegbile, who are currently in the their third year of university and members of Women Empowering Nations, delivered their ‘Empowering Futures’ workshop for Health & Social Care students. Their interactive session focused on the importance of resilience building, the ways to support personal wellbeing and core skills for life after college. The session has empowered students by providing them with insight, tools and strategies to navigate challenges, leadership, promote wellbeing, and prepare for their futures beyond sixth form college.

We also welcomed back CTK Aquinas alumna, Georgina DeMarquet, who is currently doing a Technology Degree Apprenticeship with PwC, the global business services company, and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).  Students were given a great insight into how to apply for a degree apprenticeship, and the benefits of the programme, such as having your studies fully funded by the company, as well as finding out more about the many school leaver opportunities offered by PwC.   

Thank you CTK Alumnae, we always look forward to your return!