Why you should volunteer with your former college and ways to do it

Want that warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes from helping others?

We’ve got lots of opportunities, both big and small, for you to get involved with your former college –but did you know that helping out could benefit you too?

Aside from getting that warm, fuzzy feeling, read on to discover the different ways you can volunteer, and what you get out of it in return.

Speak to students – Our current students get to learn first-hand about the successes of a person who has stood in their shoes, studied in the same classrooms as them and had the same hopes for their careers. It’s a great way for them to see the opportunities available to them after College.

What you get out of it – you will get to practice your public speaking and connect with a younger audience, perhaps attracting a new workforce to your company or trade and boosting your peer-to-peer reputation. Speakers also often find personal gain from reflecting on their careers.

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Provide a testimonial – Take 5 minutes to answer a few questions on your time at college, your career path afterwards and your advice to current students.  We will turn it into a feature on our website that attracts new students to our college.

What you get out of it – You’ll be presented on our website as a shining example of a brilliant alumni for all to see. Our questions also help to draw out your experiences, and may help you to see your own career and successes in a whole new light!

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Hire an apprentice – Apprenticeships are a great choice for many young people who want to get stuck straight in to work and learn the skills of their chosen trade in a real working environment. We need companies in many industries to get involved.

What you get out of it – You will gain an enthusiastic worker who is willing to learn, giving you the ability to shape their experience from the start, and grow an employee into a specific role.

Offer work experience – Work experience gives students a taste of employment and is an essential way for them to make the transition from education to vocation.

What you get out of it – it is a cost-effective way to fill gaps in your workforce, as well as helping attract a new generation of enthusiastic, well-informed workers. It can also bring a fresh perspective – students are often full of new ideas and can help you see your business from a different perspective.

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We set up Christ the King Sixth Form College & friends in order to create a vibrant community of former students who not only benefit from the advice and opportunities we offer, but inspire our current students too and help them go further in what they choose to do.

So go on – get involved.