Sharing your story: How is your questionnaire used?

The Alumni Association is nothing without its members, and we’re always interested to hear what our former students have been up to.

Maybe you’re halfway through a glistening career that started life right here at the College, or maybe you’ve gone in a completely different direction since you left us. Whatever your current situation, we want you to share your story with us!

The best way to do this? By filling in an alumni questionnaire of course! These take no longer than ten minutes to fill out and can really help us understand what you’ve been up to, as well as inspiring other alumni. So, how is your questionnaire used?

An inspiring story

You’ve probably seen some of the ‘Alumni Success Stories’ on our website and social media – these are the end result of your questionnaires!

Once you’ve told us all about your experience at college, your career path since leaving, and your words of wisdom for fellow alumni, our team of writers get to work turning that into a fantastic read for Alumni Association members.

Take a look at some of the best Alumni Success Stories here.

We know that you’ve got an inspiring story just itching to get out. And even if it makes a difference to just one former student, it’s got to be worth it hasn’t it?

Part of the prospectus

While we’re interested in what you’ve been up to since leaving college, we’re also keen to hear about your time with us.

From what you studied to your extra-curricular activities, your favourite lecturers to your fondest memories, your unique and personal experience of the College can really bring our prospectus to life.

What better way for someone to get an idea of what life’s like at college than from someone who’s been there and done it? So, share your experience the College and help someone else begin theirs.

Valuable info

Aside from anything else, telling us what you’ve been up to helps us to find out if we’re doing things right. We want all our students to go on to achieve great things, so if they’re going in different directions – we need to know about it.

Amongst its many goals, the Alumni Association aims to improve the learning experience of current students and to do that we need input and feedback from former students.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to fill in an alumni questionnaire today!