Offering work experience: what do YOU get out of it?

Great experience, an insight into the world of work and something to put on the CV… the benefits of a work placement for students are obvious. But what do employers get out of it?

The answer is, of course, lots! Work experience placements can be just as valuable to an employer as they are to someone at the very start of their career.

Whether you’re the owner of a small local business or you’re a manager at a nationwide corporation, there are plenty of benefits to offering work experience to one of our current students. So, what exactly do employers get out of a placement?

A committed, motivated individual

We know our students are reliable and dedicated workers – we’ve seen it ourselves! They just need the opportunity to shine in a real-world situation.

They know that a work placement is the opportunity to gain experience, make an impact and maybe even kick-start a career, so they will give their all to succeed within your company – even if it’s just for a week!

By offering work experience you’ll be getting access to a pool of hardworking individuals who committed to succeeding at everything they do – the kind of staff that every company needs to have around.

Management experience for staff

For smaller companies in particular, recruiting a work experience student is the ideal way to give existing members of staff some experience of managing someone else.

Management in business – in whatever form – is something you can only really learn by doing, so any practice is invaluable. And a work experience student offers that opportunity for practice.

Through supervising one or more of our students, along with setting tasks and assessing their work, your employees can work on their management and leadership skills in a real-world situation.

Strong recruitment channels

Our students are the workers and leaders of tomorrow, so building strong links with the college and its future alumni makes good business sense. When it’s time for our achievers to enter the world of work, their placement with you could influence their career choices – or even see them applying for roles within your firm.

Yet it’s not just future potential employees who you’ll have a positive connection with; offering work experience can help to develop your business’s positive image within the local community, raising its profile with students, teachers and parents.