Evenings of Celebration at CTK

CTK have had three lovely Evenings of Celebration over the past month. These occasions provide a great opportunity for the CTK community to come together, with students and their parents/carers to acknowledge their achievements over the past few years. 

CTK were delighted that each event included such engaging speakers. Alumni Maria Tulea who is now a Junior Digital Designer at the Financial Times and Seni Fawehinmi a Senior Business Development Manager at Capitalise. Both are outstanding Alumni who many of us remember with huge fondness.

John Sinik, the Managing Partner and Chairman of the Investment Committee at Metric Capital Partners, has once again generously provided three scholarship opportunities for our students. These scholarships aim to provide financial support to students who may not have been able to pursue education beyond the age of 18. Remarkably, John Sinik has already invested £500,000 in this scholarship initiative, benefiting 23 CTK students since 2014. Many of these students have achieved remarkable outcomes and have become active contributors to their local communities.

CTK are incredibly proud to announce that three students recommended for this exceptional opportunity have been selected as recipients this year. Each student will receive £5,000 per year throughout their university course, thanks to this generous scholarship.