Could you change your career?

The short answer is yes, but you’ll probably need a bit more information to assist in making such a big decision. There are many reasons why you may be considering a career change. If one of the following applies to you, read on for our advice on deciding on your next career move, and find out why changing your career is a plausible option no matter what your stage in life.

Top reasons to change your career:

You didn’t make an informed decision about your current career in the beginning
Your lifestyle has changed
You have poor career prospects in your company or industry
Work burnout or stress
You want more money

Why changing your career is possible:

Luckily, if you do identify with one or more of these reasons, changing your career can be easier than you might think. Gone are the days when it was usual for a person to stay in one profession for the entirety of their working lives, climbing the same career ladder, and sometimes finding dead ends.

The average person can now expect to change careers at least once in his or her life – often in search of better job satisfaction or a higher salary. Whether you are looking to develop your existing role, change roles within your industry, or to change industries entirely, here’s why changing your career is now easier than ever:

There are flexible studying options, such as part-time courses and short courses, which makes re-training for a new career much easier for those juggling other commitments like family, or a full-time job they need to maintain whilst they look elsewhere.
Many people are eligible for financial help, such as the 19+ Learners Loan, to help with the cost of their studies.
Being a mature student is increasingly becoming the norm, with around a third of UK students identifying as ‘adult learners returning to study’.
Employers are placing more importance on soft skills, such as communication and team work. These transferrable skills apply equally in many diverse industries, and employers often prioritise them over industry-specific skills that can be learnt.
You may have transferable, learnt skills that can be applied to another industry, such as maths, IT, or management. Many people whom have been in work for some time have transferable skills which are valuable to a wide variety of careers, or are easy to build-upon with short professional courses.

It’s often easier to assess what skills and knowledge you already have and focus on filling in the gaps, even if this means training to enter an entirely new industry. Explore our huge range of professional courses below to see how you can develop your skills to move your career in the right direction for you.

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