5 useful tools for starting a new brand  

Having a strong brand is vital for a new business. If you’re an entrepreneur, this article can help you build your brand using some useful online tools.  

Having a strong brand helps… 

You stand out in a saturated market 
Your target customers find you 
Build trust with your customers 
Make marketing and advertising more effective  

Give you and your employees something to stand for and be proud of 

If you don’t know where to start when building your brand, these tools will help you create a brand that represents your company. 

Brand Builder 


If your entrepreneurial strengths lie outside of visual design, the Brand Builder tool has got you covered. The tool lets you quickly generate everything you need. Simply input your logo (or use their online logo generator to create a new one), and Brand Builder will guide you through the process of choosing the colours, typography, patterns and photography that reflect the personality of your business and how you want to present your vision to the world. You can then download a unique brand book and assets that can be used to keep your brand consistent across all your marketing materials. 



Whilst Brand Builder’s tool is great if you want something simple that gets the job done, if you’re more creatively inclined and want more say over the details of your logo design,   Logojoy allows you to go much further with the customisation of your logo. And the tool is easy to use, even if you don’t have any design experience. Once you’ve created a logo you’re proud of, you can see it in action with clever visuals that show what your design would look like on business cards, t-shirts, shop signs, social media, stationery and more. 



If you’re struggling to create a colour scheme for your brand, and have no idea which colours go with, then Coolors is the tool for you. All you have to do is press the spacebar, and the tool generates a colour palette of shades that work together beautifully. You can generate a random colour scheme, or if you have a colour in mind that you want to use, you can input it, and Coolors will create a scheme based around that. You can then download your new palette and use it for your website and marketing materials. 



Canva is a great tool if you need to create graphics and marketing materials quickly. It has 1000s of templates including posters, business cards, flyers, email headers, infographics, social media banners, gift certificates and more. Canva even has a meme generator. And you can upload your own images and create team accounts for collaborative design efforts. Once you’ve created your brand, Canva helps you get it noticed in the market and ensures your brand is consistent and looks good across all platforms. 



Gone are the days of terrible stock photos! Unsplash is a huge library of free images from talented photographers. You’ll be able to find high-resolution photos to use for your brand’s website and marketing materials, no matter what your niche… nature, food and drink, fashion, tech, travel, wellbeing and more. All Unsplash asks is that you credit the photographer to help them gain exposure (although this isn’t a requirement).  

Good luck (and don’t forget to explore more of our business advice on the blog)