The ultimate apps for running a small business

We’ve got the rundown of our favourite apps that help you to stay ahead of your finances, team communication, task management and more in 2017.

Top app for marketing

AdWords – Google AdWords gets your business seen by the right people. It places your ads precisely when your target audience are searching for businesses like yours, in the places they’re most likely to see them. Your report shows you how many people click on your ads and even how many sales they are generating, allowing you to pause, test, improve and restart your campaign at any time. Ads are pay-by-click, meaning it’s free until they start working and you can set daily budgets.

Top app for finance

Wave – Wave seamlessly handles your invoices, payments, taxes, pay roll and more. The app cleverly manages your receipts and expenses too – you can scan them into the mobile app, upload via the web, or email them to your account and Wave will take it from there. It also allows you to easily take credit card payments.

Top app for team communication

Slack – Slack is the future of team messaging. It organises your conversations into ‘channels’ for projects, topics or specific teams so everyone has transparency. It also allows direct messaging and voice or video calls via the web and mobile app. The drag and drop file sharing tool even lets you search within PDFS and other documents.

Top app for task management

Trello – Collaboration, organisation and prioritisation are three essential things that Trello can deliver for your business. Create project ‘boards’ with visual, at-a-glance information for your team, as well as to-do lists, due dates, attachments, discussions, and even integration with other apps like Salesforce, Slack and Google Drive.

Top app for hiring

LinkedIn Recruiter – There are more than 400 million professionals on the LinkedIn network. LinkedIn Recruiter provides a powerful talent solution for businesses who want to search for candidates using advanced filters, plus post job vacancies and build up the company brand. The app also allows you to create a search based on your ideal candidate – simply type the name of a top performer and LinkedIn Recruiter finds the most similar profiles.

Top app for HR

Gusto – Gusto not only just automates your payroll, it works as a holistic HR service that streamlines your entire employee information database and makes things like managing your onboarding, health benefits and retirement plans easy.

Top app for presentations

Keynote – Create stunning presentations on a powerful, easy-to-use interface and collaborate with your whole team wherever they are with real-time updates on other people’s changes. The iOS app can also be used by PC users via an iCloud account, meaning they don’t have to miss out on the beautiful themes, transitions and animations. Keynote Live allows people to watch your presentation from their own devices, with no need for projectors.

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