Exam Results 2022

Students at Christ the King Sixth Forms achieve record results

Almost 1000 students at Christ the King Sixth Forms (CTK) are celebrating record successes in both A Level and BTEC qualifications with another great year of results and prestigious university destinations. Despite the challenges created by the COVID pandemic, students have shown resilience and determination to land top grades and university places. Christ the King has three sixth forms across Southeast London and Kent and yet again CTK students were able to achieve outstanding A Level and BTEC success and secure places at their chosen university destinations. 

In the first set of A Level exams taken in the UK since COVID, students at CTK Aquinas have achieved record results, with a 99.2% A Level pass rate and 20 A Level subjects achieving a 100% pass rate. This is especially impressive being above the national UK pass rate of 98.4% in a year when grades were expected to fall.

Over 600 students at CTK studied BTEC extended qualifications (3 A Level equivalent) with a pass rate of 99% and 74% of those receiving Distinction or above. Many of these students have achieved places at highly competitive universities.

CTK Executive Principal, Shireen Razey said “I am so proud of our students as they move on to their chosen next steps. Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic, students at each of our specialist Sixth Forms have shown real resilience and determination to succeed in their studies and I am delighted to be able to celebrate their outstanding results today. I know that the staff at CTK will join me in congratulating students on their hard work and impressive achievements on both BTEC and A Level courses. This is a phenomenal achievement and is testament to the hard work and dedication of the specialist teaching and support staff who have supported the students in their studies. I wish each of our students every future success in their university, apprenticeship and employment destinations and look forward to hearing of their great successes as CTK Alumni.”

Some student thoughts about their experience of studying at CTK:

Tony Ogbemudia Iyoha

A* – Maths / A – Further Maths / A* – Physics / B – Art

Oxford University

“By attending Christ the King, I have been able to challenge myself academically. From the academic demands of the Extended Project Qualification in the first year, to working closely in small groups with specialised tutors who are experts in their field, I have learned to be academically resilient, and goal driven. I had a passion for each of my subjects and a clear career aim which helped drive me through the challenges of A Level study. I am thankful for all the support I have received from the teachers, support staff and my peers at Christ the King that have enabled me to achieve great things whilst being part of this amazing sixth form. CTK has always encouraged me to aim high, which has led me to apply to the University of Oxford and I am so pleased to begin my studies there.”

Adeola Ojora

A – Sociology / A – Religious Studies / C – Psychology

“I am delighted with my results and look forward to going to my first-choice university to study Social Work this year. I am also pleased to have received the Metric Capital Scholarship which will help me whist at university. My time at CTK was a life-changing experience for me due to the extensive range of help, guidance and support made available to me. My teachers inspired me and gave me the motivation to succeed which fuelled my drive for success.”

Chief Hutton

B – Physics / B – Chemistry / B – Maths (EPQ – C)

Foundation year Mechanical Engineering at Queen Mary’s

“My hard work and consistent revision have helped me achieve these excellent results. I am looking forward to the next stage of my educational journey at Queen Mary’s University studying Mechanical Engineering. During my time at Christ the King the teachers were dedicated and supportive in ensuring that I achieved my potential. I really enjoyed my learning at CTK as lessons were relevant, engaging and challenging, whilst cultivating a warm, dynamic atmosphere. I believe the sixth form ethos is ‘hard work’ and ‘community’ and this says it all! There are masses of extra-curricular, enrichment activities, that provided me with many opportunities in my subject areas and related career path.”

Heritage Osewa

A – Maths / B – Physics / C – Graphics

“I am delighted to have achieved the grades required that enables me to now go off to study Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University. Throughout my A Level studies, I have had a clear aim of how I wanted to progress onto university. My teachers at Christ the King have always been encouraging of me to work hard and aim for the highest grades. The teachers at CTK create the perfect learning environment with a range of opportunities that support your development, whilst inspiring you. I am very grateful for the opportunities given to me by CTK.”

Lauren Mens

A – Sociology / A – Business / B – Psychology

University of Birmingham – Accounting & Finance

“I am delighted with my results and am now looking forward to going off to my first-choice university of Birmingham. My teachers at Christ the King have supported me during my A Level studies, in a way that encouraged and inspired me. The chaplaincy and pastoral team also provided me with continual support that helped me develop and achieve my goals.”

Emmanuella Ansah

A – Psychology / A – French   / B – Maths

Loughborough University – Accounting & Finance

“I am over the moon about my results. Over the past two years I have seen my progress improve.

I have loved the community activities I have taken part in that have brought the sixth form together. Being a Catholic sixth form has helped motivate me and support my spiritual well-being. I am looking forward to progressing to University.”

Bradley Mingiele

A* – Chemistry / A*- Maths / A* – Physics

Nottingham University – Physics

“I am in shock – three A*s. All my hard work paid off. At Christ the King I discovered I was resilient.  My teachers really pushed me to be my best, I am in their debt, thank you for believing in me.”   

Owen McCarthy

A – Biology / A – Maths / A – Psychology

Royal Holloway University – Psychology

“I am overwhelmed by my results. I have enjoyed my time at Christ the King and am thankful for all the support I have received. I would really recommend coming to CTK as the level of support offered by subject teachers is exceptionally good. The best thing about being a CTK student is being part of the friendliest group of students I have ever met.”

Roisin Meere

A – Politics / A – Sociology / B – History

Royal Holloway University – Law with a year in industry

“I am so excited and happy with my A Level results, they’re just what I needed and am delighted to have secured my place at Royal Holloway University. There have been times during COVID when I didn’t feel motivated, but the teachers did not give up on me and this really helped me. I am so proud of myself. Staff at Christ the King are also really proud of me too.”

Daniela Cerna 

BTEC D*/D/D Health and Social Care  

Criminology at University of East London

“The staff were always so caring and supportive. Even when I found my studies difficult, they helped and supported me. I was delighted when I won the Student Award at the Evening of Celebration, my mum was so proud.”

Amal Ahmed

BTEC D*/ D* / D* Applied Science

Queen Mary University (Biomedical Science)

“I really enjoyed my science lessons at CTK. Every week we completed practical activities that helped with my learning and build up my practical skills. My teacher helped prepare me for my interview at Queen Mary University. I am so excited to go and study there. My study tip is -Stay focused, work hard!”  

Lisandro Piliciata


Engineering City University London (Aeronautical Engineering)

“The teachers supported me throughout my studies to ensure I kept on track. My goal was to become a female engineer and I am so pleased to be going to study at City University. I worked really hard and am thankful to all my inspirational teachers.”  

Sheinz Elmaz- Golding  

BTEC D*/ D / D Art

University Art Camberwell London

“I have enjoyed my time at CTK and am delighted to be going to study at the university of Camberwell to study Art. Not only did CTK support me with my course but also in applying to be the Young Mayor of Lewisham. The teachers gave me the confidence to aim high and reach my goals. My work was part of an exhibition in Lewisham shopping centre, it was amazing. My top tip would be to believe in yourself and keep working hard so that you achieve.”

Lina Asaba Grade

BTEC D / D / D Business

“I would like to thank my Business teacher for their support and guidance throughout the course. I especially enjoyed my work experience and the work we did fundraising for charities. We raised money for a children’s hospice. I have developed great team skills during my time at CTK and have lovely memories.”  

Precious Amusu

BTEC D*/ D*/ D* Health & Social Care

“I’m incredibly appreciative of all the support and assistance I received throughout my course. From the beginning, the staff recognised my ability and didn’t give up on me. My teachers were excellent; besides providing quality education, they showed concern for our mental wellbeing and regularly checked in with me. The teachers are highly approachable and encouraging. The learning environment at CTK is exceptionally inspiring, motivating and encourages me to give it my all. It will be exciting to explore the various aspects of midwifery after I complete my midwifery course at the City university of London.”

Somkelechi Austen-Okoronkwo

BTEC D* / D*/ D

Birmingham University – Business and Management

“The environment at Christ the King has been supportive and inspiring, as it has allowed me to achieve these outstanding grades. All my teachers inspired me to reach for the stars and achieve the best of my grades; simply because the support was incredible. I’ve learnt many things whilst at Christ the King, and I feel like I’ll be able to use the techniques and skills to further achieve in life. I will never forget the time here and cherish the memories.”

Hasina Shahab

BTEC D*/ D*/ D*

City University of London – Midwifery

“The teachers motivated and encouraged me to always do my best. There were many available workshops during lunch and after school. Doing BTEC was the best decision. The support I have been given has been immense.”

Equality and Diversity

Following the launch of CTK’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy we were delighted to welcome Dr Maxine Room CBE to CTK who delivered an outstanding briefing on Protected Characteristics. 

CTK Sixth Forms continues to celebrate its diverse community in many ways including through a number of staff and student led societies and clubs.  Our student lead societies meet regularly and our staff and students ensure that Equality and Diversity is embedded and promoted within our curriculum and 10:10 programme. At each site our LGBTQ+ groups meet regularly and are currently planning for the celebration of LGBTQ+ history month.

The sixth form’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee and working groups have organised sessions for  staff and students on unconscious bias, decolonising the curriculum and on the achievement of ancient Africans.

Miss Amony, Assistant Principal, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion said, “We have an outstanding community at CTK, our staff and students come from such diverse backgrounds, it is important that we celebrate our community.  We continue to raise awareness of all protected characteristics with our staff and students and I am so proud of our communities engagement and commitment to promoting equality and diversity.”

Month of Advent

CTK Celebrates the weeks leading up to Christmas

As you may know, we have now entered into the month of Advent which transpires on the last Sunday of November, right up until Christmas Eve. It is the preparation period that leads up to Christmas, also known as the ‘coming’ which is where the Latin word of ‘Advent’ is derived from.

At CTK we have been preparing for Christmas with prayers and liturgies, we have also started lighting our purple Advent candles. You will notice that the candles have different colours and therefore different meanings.

The first candle symbolizes hope. It is sometimes called the “Prophecy Candle” in remembrance of the prophets.

The second candle represents faith. It is called the “Bethlehem Candle” as a reminder of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem.

The third candle is pink and symbolizes joy. It is called the “Shepard’s Candle,” and is pink because rose is a liturgical colour for joy. The third Sunday of Advent is Gaudete Sunday and is intended to remind us of the joy that the world experienced at the birth of Jesus.

On the fourth week of Advent, we light the final purple candle to mark the final week of prayer and penance. This final candle is known as the “Angel’s Candle,” and symbolizes peace.

Finally, the white candle is placed in the middle of the wreath and lit on Christmas Eve. This candle is called the “Christ Candle” and represents the life of Christ. The colour white is for purity.

To learn more about Advent and how it is celebrated by the church, you can watch our Advent liturgy on YouTube led by CTK deacon Javier Elderfield.

We would like to wish you all a calm and reflective last few weeks of Advent and a very happy holiday season!

Christmas Gift Appeal

We have raised more than £3,500 for four charities as part of our Christmas Gift Appeal!

CTK, partnering with the Kent-based EKC Group, brought in over £3,500 with a GoFundMe campaign and charity art auction.

The money will be split between Porchlight, Demelza Hospice Care for Children, Refuge, and St Vincent de Paul Society.

The art auction – which ended on Friday – consisted of pieces donated by staff members and students, raising £621 by itself. Highlights included Heritage, a St Mary’s learner, who’s George Floyd diptych brought in £38 and a signed limited edition photographic print from award-winning Photographer and Lecturer at EKC Group’s Folkestone College, Zak Waters, which raised £100.

Meanwhile the GoFundMe, brought in £2,910 altogether. The top donations saw £1,000 given by Metric Capital OurTurn Global, £500 from David Kelly and £500 by DSP Drainage.

On top of these two efforts, CTK and EKC Group have organised a donation drive for gifts in aid of those less well-off this Christmas. In total, students and staff members have handed in approximately 2,000 gifts which have since been distributed to the charities.

This charity drive has been running alongside a number of charitable deeds at both College groups. At our sites we ran a “Jumpers for Jimmy” event, which raised money for the Jimmy Mizen Foundation, a charity to support young people across the UK by challenging them to be the change-makers & peace-makers in their local communities. Also, at Emmanuel, some of our learners organised a cupcake sale for Child Bereavement UK which is a charity that supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement. Over at EKC the Animal Management students at Canterbury College created festive packages for their four-legged friends at Dogs Rescue and AA Dog Rescue.

We would like to thank everybody who donated to the Christmas Gift Appeal and hope that our contributions to these charities helped in some way to make the festive period better for those in our communities who are less fortunate.

Covid 19 Updates and Information

Christ the King Sixth Forms are committed to keeping our staff and students staff during Covid-19, in line with guidance from the Government, Public Health and Infection control.

Our Sixth Forms are following Health and Safety Executive advice including a full and regularly updated COVID risk assessment, which implements key preventive actions, including:

  • Ensuring students who are required to self-isolate do not attend Sixth Form
  • In communal areas such as corridors and the LRC face coverings continue to be worn 
  • Students and staff reminded to  clean hands thoroughly and more often than usual
  • Ensuring good hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach 
  • Enhanced cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces often
  • Minimising contact between individuals and maintain social distancing wherever possible 
  • Keeping occupied spaces well ventilated 
  • Promoting lateral testing

Results day 2020 at Christ the King Sixth Forms

Students and staff were delighted with their results and university destinations, including Cambridge University. 

Students and staff at Christ the King Sixth Forms celebrated another year of examination results at all three sites.  Students overcame adversity, taking part in distance learning during Covid19 and Christ the King students, will be progressing to universities across the country or into apprenticeship or employment opportunities. 

Executive Principal Shireen Razey said “We are so proud of our students who have completed their studies during unprecedented times. It was delightful to see our students on site and to have the CTK community together again.  CTK students have shown resilience, enthusiasm and dedication throughout and we wish each of our students every future success”. 

Temitope got AAA and is going to Cambridge University to study English Literature. Temi says; “When I started CTK, applying to Oxford or Cambridge was something that I had thought about but I just didn’t feel like it was within my reach. On enrolment day, I was told straight away that because of my GCSE results, applying to Oxbridge was something I could look at. I brushed it aside. It didn’t feel achievable.  The moment that changed everything was when I attended an alumni evening for Scholarship Graduate Programme students. It gave me the amazing opportunity to speak to past CTK students who had progressed to Oxford and Cambridge. That was the moment I realised it was something I really wanted to do and something I could achieve if I wanted to. It changed my whole mindset. I really don’t think I could have got to where I am now if it wasn’t for all the role models CTK introduced me to, all the external speaker events where I saw Nigerian young people succeeding, this really inspired me to do my best and to achieve the highest I could”. 

Temi was one of three students to receive a CTK Metric Capital University Scholarship worth £15,000 each. Temi says; “  Since I found out that I received an offer from Cambridge I had been looking for a scholarship because I don’t necessarily come from a family with a lot of money and didn’t want to put too much strain on my mum. To apply, I had to write no more than 500 words on why I felt I deserved the scholarship and any obstacles that I overcame. This got me thinking about something that held me back for a very long time. I opened up more and really dug into all the health issues that I experienced growing up and how it made me really limit the way I saw myself. My health issues were what led to me discovering a love of reading, and also made me realise that I could write my own stories.  When I was younger, I suffered from health problems and I was bullied at primary school which affected my body image all the way to high school.

And then I read an online novel called ‘Becoming Beautiful’ written by a teenage girl. This book honestly changed my life. It made me realise how amazing a book can be.  When I read this book, I had never felt so understood. That’s why I’m so interested in all the words we use, especially what is going on right now – how damaging words can be – and how much of an impact words can have over others. All of this inspired me to want to study English Literature at University! 

I am also very grateful because I have an amazing mum and two older sisters who are inspirational to me. My mum pulled me up through every situation and continues to be the most inspirational figure in my life. She moved here from Nigeria with my dad to give me and my older sisters a better life. No matter what happened to her – what she went through, she always faces things with a kind smile. I try to take on her approach as best I can and that has inspired me and kept me going”. 

CTK students were able to secure places at top universities, Brian was delighted to get D*DD in Health & Social Care and is going to study Pharmacy at East Anglia University. Brian said “I would 100% recommend CTK to others, the teachers push you to be the best you can be”. 

Joseph got A, A, B and is going to Newcastle University to study Combined Honours in Geography, Media and Communications. Joseph said; “I feel proud because I got what I expected and what I feel I deserved.” 

Marceli was really pleased to gain grades A, A, B and will go on to study Business and Law and Queen Mary’s University.  He said; “My time at CTK has been inspiring, helping me to find new interests that broadened my perspective on life”. 

Olivia was delighted to achieve grades A, A, B and is going to the London School of Economics to study Sociology; “I’m happy with what I achieved. Focus on your weak points rather than just doing what you know you are good at.” 

The CTK class of 2020 are to be congratulated on their hard work during difficult times and uncertainty and are sure to go on to great success.

“A year of Great Success at Christ the King Sixth forms”

We are also pleased to announce that South London Press has recognised the achievements of our hardworking students and has published this recent article. https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/a-year-of-great-success-at-christ-the-king-sixth-forms/